Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Listening Logs

A useful thing I have started using with my IGCSE and IB students is using a Listening Log. I got this idea from Bob Johnston from SSIS. But I have developed it to suit myself.

The purpose of the listening log is to expose students to a range of different styles of music. The students I have do listen to music but it tends to be quite limited in terms of the genre that they listen to. This practise of a listening log could be compared to a vocabulary list in English

Each week I have given a different genre or style of music. The student then investigates the style of music and then records the music with a short note. Every so often I have a look at the log and ask students on the music they have listened to. The log I use is in Google Docs. It means students can see what each other has listened to and ask and query one another on what they have listened too.

The idea of the listening log is exposure to the music, it is not deep level analysis. The exposure to music is extremely useful. I have found that students are more quickly able to recognise instruments and style and so progress with more confidence with deeper level analysis.

To find access to the files click on the link below


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