Tuesday, 9 December 2014

End of Semester Feedback.

At the end of term it is important to have the students do some self reflection of how the semester went and what you can do as a teacher yourself to improve your lessons.

It is often an eye opener to see how the students perceive your lessons and how they perceive you. It keeps you grounded as you realise you cannot win the hearts of every student that you teach.

However, you can improve their education. That is the most important thing.

For self reflections I have often used a simple handout to the students.

End of project evaluation

 What did you most enjoy about the project and why?

 What did you least enjoy about the project and why?

 What would you say you did well at?

 What did you find difficult?

 What would you do differently if you did the project again?

 What do you aim to improve for the next project?

This time I went for a more automated approach on Google Forms which uploads the students answers onto an automatic spreadsheet of the students feedback. The best thing is, you can read at an instance, pick up common themes and act upon them. This time round I asked the students what they thought I did well. Students are surprisingly honest, which can be nice or insulting. I think somehow students think the questionnaire will go to someone else rather than you, or because of the faceless identity of the internet they feel they can be more honest. Whichever way you look at it, it is useful.


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